Chapter Deux: Exodus

So much has happened since my last post, so for expediency’s sake, I’ll forsake some details, but here it goes. Riding into Champaign was absolutely ridiculous. The alumni were so excited to see us. But for me the most intense part of it all was when I realized that I had made it back to home turf on my bike. That moment, riding in familiar territory, put it all into perspective. We made it back to school from NYC on our BIKES. I guess a part of me deep down inside continually doubted the entire endeavor, but now the immensity of the task has set in, and I think I’m more than ready for it. So champaign was great, seeing friends, albeit brief, was needed.

We rode into Clifton the next day, and went out to a local establishment to catch the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup. Fast forward two days, and we’re riding from Homewood to Millennium Park. That was another moment on this trip I will never forget. The whole team, as one unit, riding along the lake front trail barreling down on Millennium Park.

Seeing all our families and supporters at Millennium Park was INSANE. So much pride and joy in everyone’s eyes. Personally, it meant so much to me to see my father and sister there to cheer me on (and a close family friend). Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this great endeavor.

We are now in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but the past three days, since we left Deerfield, have been rough. Two days of riding in the rain and a poor meal choice for lunch have amounted to me being sick today. Unfortunately, I had to sag in the van, but after a full day’s rest, I am feeling much better and should be back on the proverbial horse tomorrow.

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  • maral (pi's big sis) says:

    it was SO great to see you in chicago – we are ALL so proud of you! sorry to hear about your poor meal choice gamboo – but i hope you’re feeling better. get rest, drink lots of fluids and keep pushing! love you so much!!!

  • Seena says:

    Great stuff cuz, your commitment is truly inspiring. Stay focused and keep on trucking! When you get a chance, text me the date of when you think you will be crossing the finish line so I can book my ticket now. Despite how tired you’re undoubtedly going to be, I know you’ll have enough energy to celebrate!

  • Chris (CB) says:

    Good to see you last weekend… probably a bit of a culture shock going from being on your bike for hours to Plan B…. :) Anyway, keep pushing … you’ll be there soon. Have you thought about what you’ll yell when you get to SF? Here are some suggestions: “Baleh!!!!” or “Goulet!” or even the timeless.. “I’m Piyum Zonooz b***h!” Be safe… and we’ll see you soon. cb

  • Kristen says:

    You are doing great and looking like a true champion! It was so nice to see you in Chicago and seems like even though the trek has been rough, you are glowing from the inside out from the wonderful experience! You were very smart to take a rest the day you were not feeling well so you could be rejuvenated for the remainder of the ride! The contribution you are making to society is remarkable, keep it up Piyum, we’re very proud of you!

  • Sue Chelf says:

    We loved our time with you at the Hope Lodge. My dad, Rudy Butteri, said meeting you guys was a true highlight in his life. I didn’t get everyones name but please pass along that your visit meant so much to all of us. Thank you and continued good health and safety on your trip.

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