Chamberlain, SD 06/24

Not much to say about the ride this day. My knee acted up, per usual, but with the early arrival into Chamberlain I had plenty of time for rest and activities. Steve accompanied me to a local store to pick up some stuff and our day turned into quite the adventure. We got the team into the local pool, checked out a fireworks shop, hooked up 7 pizzas from Pizza Hut (yeaaa Pizza Hut Chamberlain… thanks so much!), hit the South Dakota Hall of Fame (Bob Barker is from there), and checked out the AMAZING VIEW of the river valley.

Since today was the 3rd Thursday in June, Eamon, Diana, and some cooking assistants hooked up an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner of French Toast, Pizza, and plenty of snacks. The team gathered at one long table and all took turns saying what we were thankful for. The church we were staying at had their weekly Thursday mass at 7pm so Steve and I decided to check it out. While this was a Zion Lutheran church and we’re both Catholic, the church let us join in worship. One of the best parts of this trip is having so many eye opening opportunities, and while we stay at a ton of churches we rarely are able to attend masses and I’m really glad we took advantage of the opportunity.

Post mass, we headed to the pool for a quick swim and shower… I ended up lounging instead, without doing either… lack of sleep caught up with me and I hit the hay. 

Here’s a picture of one of our daily chores… van unpacking, we had a nice assembly line this day… check out Conor’s kicking technique.

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  • Joanne Mazurski (Lauren's Ma) says:

    Well, you have to know that I’m happy you went to church! God has been watching over all of you….through knee issues, back pain, a cyst, some falls and I’m quite sure more than I’m even aware of. He is worthy to be praised. I know that He will continue to see you all through.

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