Century. Richmond, IN 6/5/2010

107 miles!  Get ready.

My breakfast was 2 cupcakes, coffee sweetened with cupcake frosting, a mountain dew and a Dr. Pepper.  My God.

People were surprised to see me drop to the group in back.  I hope it encourages other teammates to try different riding groups.

Keeping a slower pace was hard and frustrating at times.  It was a war within myself.  It was fun to sing whatever song that came to your head and having the others sing along with you.  It rained twice.  Vary hard.  Not fun and cold!

Our lunch was taken at mile 66 with family friends who very generously and selflessly brought us a wonderful lunch.  Thank you bvery much the Cartright family.

Tonight I could be classified as introvertive, pensive and homesick.  I hate feeling wishy washy.  I attmpt to turn this mood around by listening to country music, eating a pint of ice cream and drinking a half gallon of sweet tea.  This might work.

I have no idea where we are going or how long our ride is tomorrow.  But hey, I like surprises.

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