Century #2

Finally after several days of rain, we had a sunny day!  Unfortunately, with the sun came heat somewhere in the 90s.  I rode this morning with Connor and Kyle, and we went way faster than I thought I’d be able to keep up with… but I did! Connor&Kyle yelled at all the animals we passed, and they succeeded in getting a herd of goats and a herd of cows to run with us.  Way to go boys, I knew all of your heckling would pay off.  After lunch, Priscilla joined us for the last 40 miles, which were super hot.  We stopped for some photos and bro puns in Manley, MinneBROta (population 16… the town is literally like 3 car repair shops and that’s it… pretty brolicious).  [Legit] pun points to Kyle for “bros and cons list.”  We rode 4 extra miles to pass the Tristate Marker between Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota, except that no such marker existed… but we really were there!  Upon arrival in Sioux Falls, SD, I rode circles through the parking lot to add the extra few miles to complete a century.

I went with Eamon after dinner to pick up a food donation from Panera, and we spotted a CiCi’s Pizza, which we quickly recognized as I4K Heaven.  The manager allowed the whole team to come in and eat for free.  And they had Poppin’ Pink Lemonade Hi-C.  Which everyone knows is the BEST kind.  Score!

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