Back in the CU

Well the team all survived the hills and heat of¬†Appalachia¬†and enjoyed some cooler days on more level ground. I’m currently sitting in Sara Petranek’s apartment drinking some morning coffee (!!) getting ready to head out for our ride to Chebanse. We got to sleep in a little since we’re not leaving till 9 today!

We arrived in Champaign yesterday around 3 and were greeted by family, friends and some members of the Uof I Alumni Association who provided us a lovely welcoming reception. I was greeted by friends Sara, Hughie, Ashley, Holly and Jason. Sara made a fabulous dinner and it was great to be back some place familiar and sleep in a bed.

Next stop, Chicago! I’m excited to see more family and friends. Throughout this trip I have been blown away by the kindness and generosity of strangers who we have met on the road along the way and who have taken us in every night.

After I left for this trip, I learned that a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. This news really solidified in my mind why I am doing the ride and reoriented my perspective about the summer. I will think of her energy and smile every day.

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  • Carol Russell says:

    Two more days – I can’t wait to see you!!xoxo

  • Nancy Brook says:

    Hi Mary…it’s your favorite “cousin” Nancy (Revane). I’m so proud of you! What a trooper you are. Keep up the good work. Be careful! I bet you can’t wait to see your family. Have fun. Check up on you later. Love & Kisses…your Grandma’s favorite niece!

  • Mary Russell Mary Russell says:

    Nancy! I know I’m your favorite Dalton person. Thanks for checking out the website!

    oh, p.s. WOOF

  • Nancy Brook says:

    You are my favorite Dalton person. I laughed out loud when I read “WOOF”. Glad to see you are still laughing and having a great time! I love following your blog…such a great girl! Keep up the good work.

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