A wonderful ride to Albert Lea,MN

We got up an hour early at 5am because we had to leave the church by 7. This was the first time I craved for coffee, but sadly there was none at breakfast today.

I had a great time riding with Disha and Greg. We spent most of the ride giving each other riddles and learning more about each others’ lives. As we started off early, the roads were nice, smooth and relatively empty, and we had tailwinds, we arrived at our lunch stop in Genera at around 10.30! Genera is a small town that gives a lot to cancer research too. In fact, the small diner we visited would be having a pancake buffet in July in which half of its proceeds would go towards cancer research. Too bad we won’t be around for that. Kyle was talking to a table of people in the diner and one of them gave us a HUGE donation. It was so huge we had to confirm with them that it wasn’t a mistake. It is so encouraging to see how generous people are. We had so much fun playing Rocks (its like marco polo), with an added Mochure-passing element, in the playground during our  2.5 hour long lunch break.

After arriving at our stay-over, some went to our all-favorite Kwick Stop, some went to Dairy Queen, and some went to Subway. Eamon, Max, Tracy and I ran to Subway for a light snack, and then continued to run around the whole lake (Fountain Lake?). It felt great to be running again. I miss running so much, but my quads were aching a little from the 70 miles ride in the morning. We took a quick dip in the lake, got really lost, almost wanted to hitch a ride back, ran much further than expected (5ish miles?), and thankfully got back in time for a tasty dinner of grilled cheese, or cheese toasty as Jordan calls it (cute :D), and tomato soup.

My third day of no proper shower. I think its my new record. :)

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  • donna kalis says:

    Hi Pricilla,
    Glad to read you pedalled so far and were able to do some running. Yeah!!!!!!!
    Love, Donna

  • donna kalis says:

    Hi Pi,
    So neat how the diner/Genera will be having a pancake buffet in July, with half of the proceeds going to cancer research. Please let the team know I’m thankful to be part of the “Sister Study” (5 years now). My sister had breast cancer then. She had surgery and chemo and continues with great results…Praise God. My Dads’ aunt had been in a research project to discover breast cancer…about 1978….she was trying to help others and had an early detection herself. She is still fine, now 89 years old. Love, Donna

  • donna kalis says:

    Pi, I made a mistake in prior e-mail..not my Dads’ aunt.. my aunt, his sister. Love, Donna

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