70 miles to Chamberlain, SD

Pi was caught with the mosher today and made an attempt to play some form of ball game, which turned into hot potato, tips and then soccer.
Today’s ride was very relaxed. The weather was warm with beautiful blue skies along the long, fairly flat planes of South Dakota. Rolling into Chamberlain the scenery suddenly changed to beautiful green hills and a wonderful downhill leading right into downtown Chamberlain. Luckily for the team there was a McDonalds right round the corner from the stayover, something almost everyone greatly enjoyed.
Early in the evening, one of the local newspapers came to the stayover to interview some of the members of the team. It ended with a lovely team picture beside the van and a donation of  peanut butter and jelly from the generous reporter.
Today (being the fourth Thursday in June), we have taken it upon ourselves to celebrate an I4k holiday; Thanksgiving in June. We gathered at the table as a big family with yummy french toast, pizza (that was generously donated by the local Pizza Hut), apples, oranges, and a special dessert we called “Little Gobblers.” A Little Gobbler is an oreo cookie with frosting, candy corn, and a Hershey kiss, all shaped to look like a turkey. They were mmm-mmm good. Before eating the Little Gobblers, each of us stated what we were grateful for. To sum up the majority of the statements, we were grateful for having each other as new friends, for all still being safe and healthy, and for having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people across the country on this trip.
Later in the evening, a 10 year old girl, battling leukemia, and her mother came to the church for a portrait. The two told their story of how cancer has changed their lives for them individually and as a family. The little girl has 3 months left of treatment and is remaining very strong and positive. It was a very touching interview and we showed our gratefulness for them sharing their story by giving them a Little Gobbler. The little girl was grateful for her family. Come to find out, the mother and her husband used to live in one of the hometowns in Illinois where a few of our riders are from. What a small world!
In conclusion, today has been a very wonderful day and we are all so grateful for that. :)

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  • jschlesinger jonathan schlesinger says:

    A belated happy thanksgiving to everyone! Make sure you hit up the Murdo Drive-in today (212 Kennedy Ave).

  • Marci Adelston-Schafer says:

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Many of my patients have more Thanksgivings because of all the money that you’ve raised for the ACS.

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