Fever Pitch Before Homecoming!

We woke this morning to McDonalds. Never before in our lives have we eaten so very many McMuffins. What a feat! Some people ate five! Six, even!

Dan Bartholomew rode with us for about 34 miles out of Greenwood. The weather was perfect–no 15mph headwinds today. A lovely group of seven lady riders interviewed a florist about her experience with cancer and enjoyed lunch at Chief’s in Greencastle, IN.

We stopped for ice cream near the end of the ride, and the Rockville United Methodist Church has been nothing but generous to our entire group. Soon there will be I4Karaoke.

Off to Champaign tomorrow!

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  • Darlene Ayres says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you are doing with your ride. I am very blessed to have meet you all this afternoon/evening! Thank you also for taking my friend Kelly Hopkins memory along on your mission. Please stay safe and know you are all in our prayers. Can’t wait to follow you on you journey!

  • Mirza Rynecki says:

    Yes, keep doing what you are doing. Ana – I am glad you were able to sleep in your own bed and spend time with Apolo.

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