Train to NYC

I am writing this sitting on the train, somewhere in the middle of New York. I’m not quite sure where we are; all I know is that we have another 9 or so hours to go, and have already been on here for 11. Most people are trying (more or less successfully) to stay asleep as much as they can. The seats are a little roomier than those on airplanes, but they don’t recline that much further. This is making me all that more excited to spend the summer on a bike and moving, instead of sitting still. Then again, this seat is a little more comfortable than my bike saddle, but that isn’t saying much.

That said, I think it’s time I introduce this blog. You know my name because you needed it to navigate to this page anyway, so I’ll skip that part. I hope I continue to update this, but I really have no idea what this trip will be like. Forgive me if you refresh the pages to find nothing new; that means we’ll have to get together some time and talk about it all.

Anyway, I’ll start writing about the my first experience with I4K. I think it was at Convocation, one of my first days at the university, and I saw a few people stand up on the podium and talk about biking across America. That and the ultimate frisbee team were the only things I really remember from that day. I thought it sounded like an incredible adventure, and as I had just bought my new bike (this one I am in love with and have on this trip) I thought it might be doable. I scouted them out on Quad Day, when all of the registered student organizations had their booths set up in the quad, and asked for more information. I went to an informational meeting, and ended up being the only prospecting student there with a bunch of past riders, and instead of deterring me, I loved it all the more; these people were great. I went for an interview, and left there with the excitement that I still have today. A perfect fit: biking, traveling, landscapes, fighting cancer, and great people to do it with. What a perfect summer.

So here I am, on the precipice of the adventure of a lifetime, and I’m hungry. I have food, I just don’t want to eat it all now and get bored immediately afterwards. I just finished the first round of editing the pictures from my Aunt Margie’s (and UNCLE Brian’s) wedding. I wonder when they’ll get to see them…

I’m staring down Pi’s Calvin and Hobbes book, and will let you go for now. Keep in touch. Send me emails at , I’ll try to respond. I also hope to link my photos to this site somehow once I A) take some and B) find a place to put them.

Check the map at , go to Route, and then you’ll always know where I am.

(how does one end a post? you can’t say a farewell as in a conversation, but nor can you end it like a letter [Sincerely, Greg] just doesn’t work. I think I’ll just stop writing. That ought to do it).


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  • Harsh & Rita Thakkar says:

    Hello Illini4000 Team:

    Rita and I are excited and looking foreard to receive and host the Team on Day 1 of your journey. Every year the Team has grown bigger and we are so happy to see that already have reached the goal and cross the $ 100,000 mark. We both are so proud of each and every one of you. Thank you all for doing what you are doing, the Ripple is getting bigger…

    Love you all,

    Harsh & Rita Thakkar

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