Tomorrow is the big day

I mean, I think a lot of days this summer will be considered ‘the big day’.  The first day we start biking, the first day we start climbing mountains, the first day we start going down mountains… the list goes on, we have a lot of ‘ the big day’s ahead.  But really, tomorrow is the first day that I will be surrounded by 27 awesome people and live a life of sleeping on floors, eating nothing but pb&j and dropping sick beats and dope rhymes while cycling across the country.  That’s a big day.

However, I gotta say that this big day is the result of so many good people coming together to support the organization and me!  First, gotta thank the people like Conor, Kyle, Erik, Keith, Saun, Claire, Matt, Matt, Kristen, Jay, Justin and all the other brains behind the Illini 4000.  The trip and $100,000 raised would not be possible without the dedicated work of these brilliant cats.  Much respect to them, for real.  Furthermore, my parents, their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends and personal friends for the donations.  If it wasn’t for you guys, cancer might think it still has a chance and this ride would not be in my summer plans.  Seriously, thanks to all the cats who came out back in November for the best short-shorts themed party yet.  Couldn’t have done it without your donation regardless of if you can remember donating :).  Also, my sister, Amy, who did the ride 2 years ago just sent me an awesome email (from Senegal) filled with inspiration and wisdom to help me and the teammates get to San Francisco.  Merci, Amy, you’re da boss.

So, I’m still in the process of getting everything packed up and waiting for my last pair of bike shorts to be completely dry.  Its getting surreal and so real at the same time.  Reader, I hope you are well and please stay tuned.  Peace!

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  • aswanson Amy says:

    Ño ko bokk, Kevbo. Have a big whoop time! Wish I could be somewhere you are biking through… maybe you should bike across the ocean to Senegal instead of across the country?

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