There Might Not be a Title to this Post

In exactly 11 days, or 264 hours, or 15,840 minutes, or 950,400 seconds (depending on your preferred method of timekeeping), 28 bodies* with 1 bicycle each, or 56 feet* with 2 wheels each, or 224 fingers* (thumbs aren’t fingers) with 1 vision (depending on your preferred method of humankeeping) will have just stepped onto to Train 48 to depart for New York City, having just said our goodbyes and feeling the most butterflies we’ll have felt since the first day of kindergarten.
Tears are a must, apprehension is a must, forgetting something minuscule is a must, but without momentary loss, there is no permanent gain.
My belief in the greater good and untapped potential for humanity to work together for a common goal will keep me pedaling. How about you?


*These numbers are not accurate, because some team members will drive the support vehicle to New York, but their bodies, feet, fingers, bikes, & wheels will leave the station with us in spirit.

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