So I Guess We’re Riding Our Bikes Across the Country. Or. Netbooks Have Awkwardly Small Keyboards.

Day 1. Check. After our media coverage  (Channel 5 NYC) at Central Park and some inspiring words by a former rider, we departed for the longest 10 mile trip out of New York City the 2010 Illini 4000 bike team had ever attempted. 54 miles later, we found ourselves in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Home of the founder of the Illini 4000, Anish Thakkar, a man I’ve never met, but if he’s anything like his parents (who reside in Hillborough (the aforementioned town we stayed at (after we biked from NYC (because we’re biking across the country.)))).
Rewind about 40 miles and you have The Story of Eamon and His First Spill. Exposition: Just north of Newark, NJ. circa 10a. Broadway St. The temperature is rising.
Characters: Eamon O’Hara (As himself.) Sarai Nadine (Eamon’s stallion). Piyum Zonooz (as the fellow rider in front of him). Old Jersey (Joezee, per their accent) woman (As the culprit).
A long story short: I fell. But everyone is okay, including Sarai Nadine.
Upopn arriving at the Thakkar’s residence, we found cookies, chips, fruit, and beverages. All of which were consumed and appreciated immensly by the riders.

The Thakkars opened their house to a goupr of complete strangers. I’ve come back to this idea many times throughout the day, but it continues to baffle me. They gave us food and shelter, friendship and support, warmth and consideration. Mr. Thakkar said some nice words as we cut the cake that I won’t soon forget. Not even one million thanks could sufficei n expressing my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Thakkar for their hospitality. Thank you so much. Tomorrow we leave for Philadelphia. I’ll try to do this updating more regularly.

Now I’ll return to my sleeping pad for a terrific night of sleep and pedal off in the morning. Thank you for your love and support, friends and family. Thank you so much for your friendship, Thakkars. It means the world to me.


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