Purple Mountains, Majesty.

Today was a terrific day! Cool temperatures, overcast skies, energy shots, getting run off the road by houses, Nate’s chain braking. Oh, and sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and niece! Boom! Yes. Today was quite great. Upon arriving in Gettysburg, Shea and myself went searching for food donations and found great success! I think we might drop the trip and become salespeople.
I also got my handlebar tape replaced (ripped on the fall). Now you’ll see my bike from miles away with this bright orange tape. It looks cool, though. Trust me. Here’s where my day gets truly terrific. The aforementioned party (that will mentioned here: my sister, brother-in-law, two nephews, and my niece) traveled 40 minutes from Frederick, MD to Gettysburg. We went out to eat and they even bought the team some fruit! Family rules so hard. After we came back to the stayover, I brought my nephews (4, 2) and niece (6 mos) inside and they became instant celebrities (Lauren became especially excited upon seeing my niece, Norah).

A more in-depth update will be coming very soon, but after yoga lead by Mary and meditation lead by Kevin, I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow, we enter the mountains. It will be rough, it will be fun, and after the next 3 days, I will be more in shape than I’ve ever been in my whole life.

Also, this team is terrific. I’ts 10:36 right now and some are sleeping but you can hear so many different conversations, so much laughter, so much bond. I feel truly fortunate to be a part of this team, because every single person has something to contribute, and I determine to learn at least one person from every person.

Bonne Nuit

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  • Bonita Lantz says:

    Hi Eamon! We are following your odyssey by reading your blog. It sounds like you are having an amazing experience. Meredith & Caroline are wondering if Eugene and Bartholomew survived your spill. Don’t worry, I’ll break the news gently if they met an untimely demise on the pavement. Take care and happy riding!

  • Eamon Eamon says:

    Bartholomew and Eugene are very much so still intact, of course! They help me out by taking the headwinds first! I see them all the time, as they keep me good company riding through the East coast/Ohio!
    PS- check my new blog post! :]

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