From “a monkey’s town” to Jersey!

Everyone has been putting up all these great posts! I really wanted to let everyone know how the trip is going so far but time seems to be escaping me!

We made it through the first day! Spirits were high this morning as we woke up at 5:45am to get ready to embark on our first 65 miles of the ride!! We got to Central park at 7 and had some awesome words of encouragement from past riders and pumped ourselves up to get started!

Riding through New York City sure was a rush! There were cars, potholes, buses, taxis, and glass pieces everywhere (huge hazard to biker’s tires!).  We couldn’t even get out of the city without two flat tires.  Jordan is definitely in the lead for most flats.

It took FAR too long to get out of the stop and go of the city, but riding out over the George Washington Bridge was beautiful (and scary, I don’t do bridges well).  I think we actually went over about 7 bridges today. I suppose I’ll get used to it!

I started fading fast, it seemed like a lot of us did.  We had 4 flats, a chain fall off, some spills on the pavement, and some getting lost.  Things just didn’t seem to be going  very smoothly for the first ride of the summer! Part of why we were so tired may have been that our last training ride was 3 weeks ago and many of us were out of practice.  Hard to find to time to ride between finals and getting ready for leaving for the summer!

But we FINALLY made it to Hillsborough, New Jersey! The wonderful Thakkar family has taken us in, fed us well, and given us so much support and encouragement.  They have been a great first impression of the summer- the rest of our stayovers have a lot to live up to!

For now I fear I need to get  some rest for the 83 mile journey through hills and 93 degree heat!! I promise to write something more interesting when i have time!

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  • Mom says:

    Yay!…..but booooo bridges. Wow, 7 in one day huh? You’ll have to keep a count. You’ll be more than ready for the Golden Gate when you get there! Sleep well Jilly, don’t forget the sunscreen! Hoping for a few clouds for you tomorrow….<3 Mom

  • Matty says:

    My goodness, Jillian, you sure do love your exclamation marks. Keep up the hard work! I’m so proud of you!

  • Ty's Mom says:

    You go girl! I bookmarking your blog and will try to read everyday. Sending prayers and love your way.

  • Amy Jedlicka says:

    Thanks for the post. It was wonderful to hear how your doing. Take care and before you know it you will be reminiscing about how awesome the trip was.

    Take care :0)

  • Amy Jedlicka says:

    Great job Jill! I understand some people have taken three months just to get out of New York! Looking forward to hearing about the 4,437 miles you have left! From Kenneths Pop

  • Kelsey says:

    bridges?! wah! congrats on crossing those! im so glad it’s going well so far. i will be stalking you via your posts :)

  • Jenn says:

    I’m super excited I found this, so glad day one went well! And can’t wait till you are in Chicago :)

  • Kelo says:

    I agree with the other Kelsey…bridges seem petrifying! Good luck jilly!

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