It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m sorry for snoring.

Dear subscribers to the critically-acclaimed Eamon’s Digest,
Today was a great day. Lancaster, PA. It’s a great small town with enough rain to flood Lancaster, PA!  We beat the rain and enjoyed terrific food for dinner (Thakkar leftovers and some great garlic bread).

The ride was quite enjoyable from Philadelphia to Lancaster! Rolling, picturesque hills of farmland that you’d see on a postcard or dairy carton consumed the latter half of the ride.  Getting out of Philly was a bit difficult, but the hills were terrific. I forget what real hills are like, being born and raised in the Midwest. These are hills that will eat your legs. However, I also reached a new personal high speed of 40.5 mph today on one of the hills. I felt like Evil Knievel.
We also passed through Amish towns. It was terrific! Everyone was so generous, helpful, and genuinely selfless. There was a bakery. That’s all that needs to be said.
Tomorrow is a short, sweet 60 mile ride (and it’s supposed to be cooler temperatures as well!), and then I”ll be dining with my oldest sister, Julia, her husband, Jim, and my two nephews Keagan and Reilly, and my niece, Norah–all of whom I’m excited to introduce to the team.

Goodnight, Moon! Gettysburg or bust!

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