Into the Appalachians

Today was rough – some flats, falls, injuries, and sickness due to the 93 degree heat. Despite this, we overcame and managed to survive. With the help and hospitality of the Pennsylvanian citizens we were able to succeed. I can see this grou of riders beginning to come togetheras a team. We are motivating each other; pushing each other to ride faster and longer as our as our bodies reach new limits. The reality of the magnitude of our cross country journey has finally set in, and everyone faces this daunting task with a somber and unyielfing attitude. We are constantly reminded of the struggles of those we ride for, and their courage and strength is our fuel.

Tomorrow will be yet another 80 mile ride to Lancaster, PA, surely to bring more intense steepness as we head into the Appalachians. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more updates.

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  • sandy says:

    You all are an inspiration, keep pedaling, you can do this! We miss you in the hood Steve but can’t wait to see you again. Hang in there.

  • Mark Serafin says:

    Hi All! Say hi to my cousin Michell Eloy, and wish her and the entire group sicess on the x/c trip. My greatest biking distance was across Iowa on Ragbria about eight years ago. What I learned on Ragbrai wasw, when it’s 93 out (like you have), it’s great when a shower comes at these temperatures, and you actually enjoy riding in the rain. Good luck again to all,

    Mark Serafin

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