I will pack all my pretty dresses.

It’s time to leave the diva clothing behind because NYC is SO close and it’s time to rough it.

This past year with Illini 4000 has been so amazing. I remember some of our first meetings in 131 EB and the team potluck. I didn’t know a soul. We’ve since became well acquainted during our training rides, and social/fundraising events. It’s funny how my impressions of my teammates have morphed since those first meetings. I’m pumped to learn how weird everyone really is. And in case you were wondering, I love weird quirks. A few include Pi’s love of Star Trek, Gabrielle Gaga, Max Mustache, Shea and Jill’s obsession with small donkeys, Justin’s fab dance skills, Lauren and Steve the choreographers, and Eamon’s love of the UGL(y).

Some highlights from this past year include our first ever 24 Hours of Cycling Fundraiser on the Quad, Relay for Life (where we did our second Portrait of the year), and our 90 mile ride/camping trip to Kickapoo. Oh, and our skivvies mile fundraiser was fun too.

Next step, fit my whole life into one teeny bag! Wish me luck.

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