Hello from Gettysburg!!

Hey hey hey hey -

Well, its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog and well, I guess its a result of adapting to the new Illini 4000 lifestyle.  Things have been running fairly smoothly overall but it does kind of seem like we always have something to do.  While we are super tired after spending a day on the road, we all have chores and duties to fulfill throughout the day.  For example, today, once arriving to our stay-over in Gettysburg, a bunch of us went exploring the town for any food donations.  My group was able to grab a $10 gift certificate to a thai restaurant!  Hello one bite of Pad Thai!!

Besides the chores, adapting to sleep on floors every night has its challenges but, to be serious, its really not too hard to do after bike 80 miles in 93 degree weather.  Also, PB&J has become a staple part of my diet as well as motivator.  Nothing is better after spending a few hours pedaling through countryside than a good ol’ American native sandwhich.

As far as the riding goes, its been awesome.  Difficult at times but all around amazing.  Flying down hills at 30mph has become a daily activity and views of rolling hills can be taken in during any part of the ride, it seems.  I’ve only had one flat tire so far and otherwise, no bike problems or falls (knock on wood!).  Other riders haven’t been so lucky with a few falls and one cracked frame but as a team, I think we’re doing just right.

Oh, also, I had a chance to see my big sis Jenny and some friends in her new hometown of Philly just two days ago!  It was awesome, we got some Ethiopian food and milkshakes which was extra tasty after a good 80 miles.

Ok, well, I hope you are all well at home.  Please leave comments or anything.  Much love, internet people!

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  • jschlesinger jonathan schlesinger says:

    It’s great to hear that you’re doing well! I definitely know how it feels after a long, hot, hilly day in the saddle. Stay strong and ride safely!


  • Mom says:

    Hey Kevin,

    30 mph is a bit too fast I would say, :)

    Glad you are loving it and glad your tires are holding up.

    We are all good here, but missing you, and very proud of all you are doing.

    Hope you enjoy that Pad Thai nibbling…

    Keep writing and riding and remember to brake down the hills….

    Love, Mom

  • Kathy Soneson says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I just looked at your blog for the first time. Glad to hear you are doing well – no falls or major bike problems! Enjoy this beautiful country and the people in it. I hope you can find some other food than PB&J. We are proud of you too and I agree with your momn – take it easy down the hills!
    Aunt Kathy and the family

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