Gettysburg, PA

first post!

today was day 4 of the ride . . . we had some hills, and “serious climbs” are supposed to begin tomorrow. i’m not quite sure what that entails, but i think we are ready. well, we have to be ready i guess. everyone has improved so much in the last 4 days alone, and we will push through these last 2 days until our rest day on Pittsburgh! i’ve been riding with a lovely group of ladies -  the lady pack, if you will.  we’ve been working at pushing each other and keeping the momentum up – what would i do without my lady pack!?!

i’ve been having some trouble with my knee – an IT band injury i had in high school is acting up again. Jeff’s parents brought his beautiful, new bike today (jeff can ride again! — he had a wipe out on a carbon fiber frame on day 2 he’s putting it together right now and it’s beautiful!) His mom was kind enough to take me and some other riders to walmart, and now i have icy hot and a knee brace that is supposed to put tension on my tendon to alleviate the irritation.

we also found a great bike shop in gettysburg  – only two blocks from the church we’re staying at! what luck! i have also been having lots of back pain and this bike shop was able to put a new stem on my bike.  i’m really keeping my fingers crossed that these adjustments work – 90 miles tomorrow! with some “serious climbs” :gulp: . . .wish us luck!

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  • Jillian's Mom says:

    Hi Bridget! So glad to know that you and Jill have such a great group to ride with in your Lady Pack! It sounds like you guys make things fun even when the going gets tough. I’m trying to keep up with several of the blogs so I know how your days have gone. Sorry to hear your knee is giving you trouble. Hope the brace helps :) I’m always thinking about all you i4Kids and appreciate your hard work. Stay safe!

  • Rosie says:

    Good Luck on the ride to Everett to you, the Lady Pack, and the entire team! Glad you got a knee brace AND the new stem!

  • Alexander Hapnes says:

    Miss you! Keep up the great cycling! Let me know if you get a basket on the front of your bike!

  • Owen & Maeve O'Connor says:

    Bridget – Hope your knee and back are feeling better. Hope you’re enjoying your rest day. Be safe. We’ll keep watching your progress. Love… O & M

  • bhapner bhapner says:

    thanks, allison! we’re almost thorough PA. we’ve been taking your advice and talking to lots of people around the towns about the i4k’s mission. everyone has been so supportive and generous. so many churches have cooked delicious meals for us!

    mrs. podgorski – yes, we make things very fun. perhaps a little tooo fun, because we laugh too much on uphills and then our stomachs hurt too much to pedal :P we’re finding ways to get through it!

    mother, you are blogging under the cats name and pretending to be him. i’m embarrassed but i also think it’s hilarious. tell the cat i would love to have him but, i think he might weight more than my bike so…i don’t think the basket would work out so well.

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