Get your jackets ready!

Waaaaaaaaaah. So the summer is creeping up and I could not be more excited, only 21 days!! Since this is my first blog, I’ll give a quick update on what’s kickin’ (forewarning to the adorable Sean Laude, my grammar is meh):

The past month has been fantastic. Pi threw together a 24 hours of cycling event and a bunch of us attended Relay for Life a few weeks ago. This past weekend, we went I4Kamping at Kickapoo which is about 30 miles east of Champaign. Before the thunderstorms crashed in, Eamon and I did a fantastic job setting up our group’s tent… and while we all stayed nice and dry though out the night, I can’t say that for the rest of the team.. hm, I guess we all weren’t cut out to be girl scouts. We rode back bright and early and met up later in the evening for a movie screening of What People Do. Other than those events, I’ve just been training and trying to finish up these last few weeks of school. As crazy as it is, the only thing standing between now and NYC are two finals and graduation (yikes).

Hm what else… OHHH our jerseys are “dope” as Kevin would say. We received them yesterday and once I got home, I geared up and paraded around in my uniform for my roommates… and then walked over to my friends to fish out more compliments. Long story short, it’s unanimous that they’re awesome and I wouldn’t want to wear anything else for 72 days straight, except maybe a jacket.

Also, I would like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible: Jimmy Mazurski, Aunt Mel and Uncle Ted, Michelle and Matt, Uncle Mike and Aunt Eileen, Grandma and Grandpa, Nanna and Nannu, Claire and Alex Mendez,  Martha and Marion, Aunt Clare and Uncle Joe, The Love’s, The Greco’s, The Jefferies’, Terry Tomisak, Ben Nixdorf, Dane Whaley, Ed Leracz, Magdelana Garrison, Jermeka Jackson, The Rooney’s, The Cooney’s, Rick Gutierrez, Janet Moss, Deborah O’Conner, Dawn Souliotis, Tammy Ryan, Karen Shoemaker, Lauri Ognar, The Friese’s on behalf of Linda Peterson, State Farm Insurance, Notes-n-Quotes, C & R Tire and Automotive, Petty, Bielik, & Burke Orthodontics, Guardi’s Pizza, Westpoint Insurance, members of the Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Trading Company. Most importantly, Mom and Dad, thank you.

Finally, as promised, I’ve set up a number of things to stay connected this summer:

I’ll be blogging here. So bookmark it!

Tweeeeter (If I can figure it out)


AND I’m going to set something up for photos, so I’ll get that out later.

Until next time, deuces.

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  • Mary Russell Mary Russell says:

    Nice shoutouts, Laurmaz! So excited to spend the summer with you!

  • Joanne Mazurski says:

    Lauren Mazurski’s MOTHER is EXTREMELY proud of her daughter!

  • Janet Moss says:


    You are doing a wonderful thing that will benefit so many people. Have a wonderful and safe ride.


  • slaude Sean Laude says:

    So glad I’m considered “adorable”. And your grammar is not all that bad!

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