First Week: Done

Wow. We just arrived in Pittsburgh, PA after riding 7 days and 513 miles through the Appalachians. I know that it’s only 3:15 in the afternoon, but I’m considering taking a nap soon.

The past few days have been difficult, to say the least. We had a few 80-mile days through lots of hills and a couple of mountains in hot weather. Mile-long uphills followed by mile-long downhills are certainly challenging, and those are intermixed with many other hills of varying sizes and lengths. I love the feeling of racing down a mountain, clicking my shifters up until I find I have no more gears to go any faster. On the other hand, though, those occasions are sometimes met with climbing up the hills and downshifting and looking for an even smaller gear that my bike does not provide. Between those extremes, there’s a lot of great challenges climbing and exhilarating slopes. On so many occasions, we’ve come through a clearing to a beautiful Pennsylvanian landscape opening up before us. On many others as well, I’ve been too tired to fully appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Amish country was particularly beautiful, with the classic farms situated on rolling hills. I wished I’d had all day to hang around there with my camera. Instead, we were passing through on the fly and my camera was packed in the van somewhere where I was not.

After I finish riding for the day, I don’t really seem to have much energy left. My legs are done straining, so they’re only a little stiff at the worst, but I get so sleepy so very early. I usually try to sleep as much as I can in the afternoons. Like yesterday, when Steve got his second flat with less than 20 remaining, I managed to fall asleep sitting up, propped against a post office while Steve ¬†was changing his tube and pumping up his tires. Aiming for bed before 9:30 is what allows me to function when we wake up at 6 each morning.

So now I eagerly await sleeping in tomorrow and spending a day off of the saddle. This wooden bench I’m sitting on is pushing it a little.

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  • Julie Horns says:

    Go go go! But till then, rest when you can and soak it all in every other second. You guys are amazing, and every moment will lift you, change you, and you will tap into a “new” you, that will delight and amaze you…much like those you ride for!


    An IK4 mom

  • Debbie Sanders says:

    Ella says, “ba baba bab ba BA!” which loosely translates to be GO GREG GO!!!! You are awesome – the whole lot of you! But – do stop and take some pictures… your memory will one day begin to be a bit fuzzy… you’ll want some pictures.

  • I see that you passed near my home (Indianapolis area) yesterday. This is where your Uncle Rob came to visit me the summer before I moved into the fraternity house where I got to know him, and later your dad. My wife’s sister died of cancer in 2002 at age 39, so your effort holds a lot of meaning for me and my family. Enjoy the ride! Smell the roses, even when you don’t get to stop. :-)

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!


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