Eighteen Days

Hey all,

This is my first post and I am using it primarily as  a test post.  Excitement for this trip is growing; each day passes with a change in dynamic from somewhere on the team- from the 24 Hours of Cycling event, Relay for Life and the Underwear Mile.  Receiving our jerseys three days ago was another event that made this trip more real.  And with each of these milestones in our preparation for this journey, the prevalence of cancer becomes real.  Everyone knows someone who has cancer or has had cancer themselves.  My experience on this trip will truly be affected by those who I have met in passing who have had cancer, those who are caretakers and those who are supporters.  Together we can make a difference.

In my first entry, I would like to give a very special thanks to Alex Hodge and his family who headed up a raffle in my name in support of The Illini 4000.  Without his help, I would have been broke and probably would have not been able to participate on the trip.

Another special thanks to all my supporters of whom will be mentioned later in the blog.  I look forward to sharing my experiences on this trip and to continue fighting a battle with all those who are affected by cancer.

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