Departure Times

Come see the Illini 4000 depart on their 4th journey across the country, raising awareness for cancer and being touched by the stories of countless individuals. The team will be gathering in the Great Hall of Chicago’s Union Station at 5:30pm on May 22nd before departing for New York City. Of course, you may also come visit the team as they depart New York City’s Central Park on May 25th. Look for them near Central Park West and W 108th St around 7:00am.

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  • Bill Rynecki says:

    What time and where will the team arrive to Gettysburg PA on Fri 28 May?

  • admin says:

    We are staying at: St James Lutheran Church at 109 York Street. It is difficult to say exactly when people will arrive because of the different pace that groups will ride, but it is reasonable to expect that most if not all riders should be in by 2:30pm or 3:00pm.

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