Day Six: The Challenger

After yesterday’s success with the mountains, the team started with high spirits, ready to take on the world–or at the very least a second day of the Appalachians. Little did the team know that Day Six would rear its head as the most challenging day thus far. Steve and Jordan both blew two flats each, Diana blew a flat, DIsha blew a flat, and I think you get the picture with flats. Lauren’s knee started acting up, as did Jaime’s back, and other members needed van shuttling for health reasons (no need to fret, mothers–except maybe Eamon’s–just kidding!). After miles and miles of hills, the team started to approach the end. One, Szymon, took a hard fall on a steep decline due to gravel, but he’s okay! Despite the roughest day yet, the stayover welcomed the team with cookies, chips, drinks, and fruit. Later, the team ate a terrific dinner of lasagna, spaghetti, ham, and salad.
I (Eamon) spoke with the pastor when we arrived, and explained to him that even though we are six days into our trip, the generosity of the individuals we’ve met on this trip continues to surprise me and inspire me. I’m sure they will continue to do so.
Tomorrow we’re off to Pittsburgh with a rest day after that. Word on the street is that Jaime’s parents are donating tickets to the Cubs/Pirates game on Tuesday. We miss you all dearly and are doing quite well.
The Illini 4000

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  • Tom and Kathy Kelleher says:

    After dropping 2 out of 3 at home against St. Louis, we thought the Cubs could use all of the help they could get! We hope that the Illini 4000 spirit and drive is contagious. Enjoy the game!

  • Colette Whicker says:

    WOW Jordy…you are on your way to possibly setting a record for most flat tires by an individual…you will be an expert by the end…proud of ya boy…ma!

  • Admrial T. Cornwall says:

    AH! Pittsburgh! Wonderful place for a day of rest. Sunny skies, open flower fields where the children frolic and play and swim in the river. Many wonderful and fond memories of ol’ Pittsburgh.

  • Bill Rynecki says:

    Try Presto George 1719 Penn Ave (the strip) for the best sandwich in Pittsburgh. Pretty good coffee too!

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