Day 0: Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

Tomorrow is the big day, and the team is brimming with excitement. We wouldn’t have gotten here without the generosity of all our donors and the warm welcoming embrace of Rabbi Blum; who has graciously hosted the 28 riders on the 2010 bike America team.

Endless preparation, months of planning, and here we are, standing at the start of an amazing journey. After a long (delayed) 23 hour train ride, we had an opportunity to explore the great city of New York. Many of us breakfasted in Central Park and spent the rest of the day exploring the town’s neighborhoods- some explored SoHo while others paid their respects at the World Trade Center Memorial, and yet some others wandered onto the site of a movie set in Times Square.

This evening we were welcomed into the home of U of I alum Kelly Belford for a delicious array of food. We talked with several U of I alums including some who rode in the inaugural 2007 ride from NYC – San Diego. They’ve been very helpful in preparing us for the road, having been through this themselves (thanks, Mike and Allison!)

The city teemed with energy, a fitting atmosphere for the day. We are anxious and excited to hop on our bikes and begin an epic journey across the country and into the history books. To inaugurate the ride, some of us dipped our back wheels in the Hudson Bay — when we arrive in San Francisco we will dip our front wheels in the Pacific — a symbolic gesture of the coast to coast accomplishment.

Amidst all this excitement however, we have not lost sight of our cause and why we ride – to help raise money to support cancer research and support Camp Kesem. We are very excited to have broken the $100,000 mark and hope to raise more through donations on the road. Thanks again to our families, friends, supporters and donors. We would not be here without you.

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow after our 65 mile ride to Hilsborough, New Jersey!

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