Central Park to Hillsborough, NJ

Sometimes it’s hard to get computer access, but I still want to write about every day of the trip if I can! It seems like all of the days are going to start running together.

So, on Tuesday we left from Central Park!! There was a camera man there from Fox News and he took some footage. There is a link to that on the main  page of our website.

We all rode out and then crossed over the George Washington Bridge. Traffic surprisingly wasn’t too bad in Manhattan, but it really picked up once we entered New Jersey.

For a while I was riding with Lauren, Szymon and Michell and we saw a fruit stand and decided to stop. Fruit is awesome because we usually only eat carbs like pb&j. At the stand we met a woman whose daughter had had breast cancer and her nails were decorated with pink breast cancer ribbons on them.  She was very interested in our journey, and the man at the fruit stand ended up giving us a bunch of free apples and oranges that we were able to share with some of the team.

After a long day we eventually arrived at the Thakkar residence for our first stayover. Anish Thakkar was one of the founders of Illini 4000 and his parents graciously hosted us for the night. They had fruit and yogurt waiting for us, and also made us a giant dinner of salad, baked ziti, samosas,  and curried chickpeas with rice. There was also a nice cake after dinner. It was a great night for after our first day of riding!

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