Adventures in NYC

Hello World,

After an extremely long yet enjoyable train ride with my fabulous train buddy Sean, we arrived in NYC yesterday.  I spent today on various adventures (some misadventures) through the city with the other riders.  After accidentally ending up in Chinatown, Kevin, Szymon and I bought some Asian fruit and had dinner for $4.25 at “The Lunchbox Buffet” which was extremely delicious.  We also accidentally found the coolest water fountain ever in Morningside Park, after we accidentally took the express subway instead of the regular subway.  Looking back on the motif of “accidents,” I am finding that misadventures often lead to much more interesting memories.

Can’t wait for the ride to begin tomorrow!  It’s going to be I4Krazyyyyy!

Love always,


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  • Dad says:

    Sounds great. Glad you didn’t get arrested. This looks like it will be the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy, be safe.


    Dad ’77

  • Lily Foo says:

    That asian fruit is called durians. We just love it. Priscilla told me she got to have her fix to satisfaction because most of you wouldn’t take a second bite.

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