80 Mile Ride- Take Two

Our second stab at an eighty mile ride showed much improvement upon the first.  Everyone survived.  Check.  Most of the team reported an enjoyable ride full of rolling hills, some rain and Pennsylvania countryside filled with horse bugies, cute cows and a black baby sheep.  This day proved to be a stepping stone towards climbing the rest of the mountains in the East.  The ride was filled with genorosity from the Pennsylvanians.  The team benefitted from homemade sweets, fresh strawberry ice cream and free barn animal petting from the local farmers.  We never realized just how beautiful the Pennsylvania countryside was.  Looking forward to a shorter 60 mile ride tomorrow to Gettysberg.

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  • Someone in Morgantown, PA says:

    I saw all of you riding past my office today and found your website by searching for the words on your jerseys. How wonderful to see all of you embarking on this journey!

  • Colette Whicker says:

    My days and filled with anticipation… waiting to hear of the days adventures…i am thrilled by your efforts and know my mother is looking down watching over (with a special eye on her grandson Jordan) the entire group with a huge smile of approval and gratitude…of course my buttons have already busted…I am also profoundly happy for the many people that will cross your paths…they will reinforce the generosity and compassion of human kind.

  • Jill Canaday says:

    Thanks Morgantown, PA. Obviously one of the finest places to live and work.
    If you check the route and know someone in the area where they will be riding through, let them know to watch for them and cheer them on!

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