5/26/2010- Philadelphia, PA. LOST!

I was hoping day 2 would fair a little bit better than the former.  In fact, the day started out great.  We averaged about 20 miles an hour out of Hillsbourogh.  We tackled the first 25-30 miles like it was our job.  Then, my knee decided to get mad at me.  IT band syndrome is the name and it is not fun.  I don’t have it as bad as Lauren Mazurski, put to put it simply, my IT band is too tight, so it rubs against a bony prominence on my tibia.  Because of this, hills and quick rotations are particularly painful.  Unfortunately, the best way to alleviate the pain is rest.  Rest doesn’t come often during a ride across the country.

My bike computer was not working well.  No worries, I reinstalled it!  Who knew I could learn so much about bikes.  I never realized how much I worried about my pace until my computer stopped working.  I am a terrible pacer without my bike computer.  At least it worked enough in the ride to tell me that I was going 42.3 miles an hour down a hill.

This was a rough day for the team in general because of detours, missed turns, injuries and incorrect directions.  However, the group pulled it together and everything was left out on the road, preparing for another day.

At the stayover, I had the pleasure of meeting an alumni, Robin, who brought us dinner after the ride.  I had alot of fun leaning about her and telling her about my story.  She definitely cheered up my day.

No shower today, hope the team doesn’t notice.  Bedtime.

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  • Leslie Madorsky says:

    Steve! I love reading about where you are, what you are doing and your thoughts on everything. I am so impressed with you and all of the members of the Illini 4,000. It is such an amazing thing what you are all doing. You are in my thoughts and I look foward to reading your blogs! Have fun and be safe!

  • tomodon says:

    Hope the IT syndrome doesn’t become chronic- use yer nursin’ smarts!

    I went with Mom’s class to the Field Museum today as a chaperone- they all called me Steve throughout the day by mistake. It was funny- you’re am impressionable guy.

  • Jacob Goldstein says:

    I’ve been checking regularly to see how everything is going. You’re writing really sets the scene as I can envision myself along with you. I’m looking forward to traveling vicariously through your blog entries. Hope all is well and that your knee gets better. Between your upcoming destinations and speakers it seems like you will have a life changing experience.

    My family wants to stop by to say hello when you’re in Highland Park, which is right next door. Let me know if thats possible. You’re more than welcome to use a shower if you haven’t by then…

    Also, thanks for all your tutoring for music theory 103. We got an A+.

  • Nancy Odon (Steve's Ma) says:

    I miss you! Today I biked past the RMHS band practicing for the Memorial Day parade. I heard the Star Spangled Banner and thought of you encountering all the beautiful sights and people our country has to offer. I hope those mountains are just a wonderful thing of the past for awhile.LIVESTRONG! XXXOOO

  • Sam says:

    Now that I know smiley faces become ridiculous graphics on this blog, i will be refrain from using them. For a while, I was a bit concerned that something was wrong with my computer since i knew you wouldn’t go that long without writing something! i’m very much enjoying reading about your adventures. i think we chose a great hobby for me. hope each day starts to get easier! until your next blog. love (would be denoted with a heart, but again i’m concerned with the graphics).

  • Uncle Tom, Aunt Therese, Mary Kate says:

    Hi Steve – we really enjoy reading your blog during this great adventure. MK has been printing and putting your blogs into a book for Busia to read. Every morning she looks to see where you are going next. However, she does seem a little concerned about your lack of daily showers….. :)
    GO STEVE GO!!!!!!

  • Dan McMahon says:

    Steve, I hope IT is getting better. Saw the p’s and Katie at church today and was told how to keep in touch with you during this adventure. Hang in there. Chevrolet had a jingle….”See the USA in your Chevrolet,” You have a little different twist on that. We are all pulling for you in A. Hts.

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