5/25/2010 New York, NY to Hillsbourogh, NJ. Rough Start.

Finally!  Day one.  63 miles.  I can do this.  New York to New Jersey would be by far the most congested ride I had ever been on.   I like to bike in the first group to feel physical pain.  that might sound a little risque, but I think this ride will mean the most if I can experieince pain and suffering just as cancer patients do.

Highlights of the ride: riding through Harlem and telling people that we were headed to San Fransisco.  One man when asked “Sir, do you know where San Fransisco is?”  took much longer than expected to respond, “California.”  We asked him why it took so long for him to answer and he laughed, “I thought you were thinking of San Fransisco street!”  For the record I don’t think there even is a San Fransisco street in New York.  Crossing the George Washington Bridge was breathtaking.  Racing cars in New Jersey.  Water fight at a closed ice cream shop.  Watching Eamon wipe out in the middle of a crowded road.  Struggling in the last ten miles and pushing it till the end.  I had never been this tired after 60 miles.  Something tells me this trip is going to be harder than I expected.

Our ride ended at Hillsbourogh, NJ at the Thakkar residence.  Anish Thakkar founded the Illini 4000.  His parents were extremely inviting and generous and cooked us possibly one of the best meals that we will see this trip.  Mr. Thakkar gave a very moving speech in which I shed a tear.  He talked about debt.  He says that people get into debt for all sort of reasons whether it is monetary or to another person.  The Illini 4000 does what the do for nothing in return.  We give our hearts and energy to fighting this disease.  Nothing can stop us.  Next up is Philly.  Hope the cheese steak is really as good as some say…

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