Today we arrived in Gettysburg, PA!  It’s pretty exciting that 60 mile days are considered our easiest days.  Today was the first day of cooler weather, slight drizzles, and mostly rolling hills.  We’ve gotten much better on the hills and we’re taking them pretty well even though everyone is sore from the previous rides.  I started out in the 2nd group today but unforunately Pi had two flats and we had some chains fall off during the ride.  Nonetheless, we got in around 1pm, definitely the earliest arrival all trip.  Once here, we split up to get lunch and ask for donations.  Kyle, Pi, Max, Michell, and I ate at the Lincoln Diner, all enjoying delicious burgers, and as a team we managed a huge dinner of donated pizza, sandwiches, cookies, chips, etc.  Overall, we’re been eating very well on the trip so far.

Exploring Gettysburg was fun, there were some cool pocket watches and other trinkets in the antique shop, and in the hat of Abe Lincoln in the town circle, we found some Oreos! So strange…

Tomorrow’s ride is 85 miles, and our first taste of mountains.  I’m a little apprehensive, but hopefully we can make it in reasonable time :)

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