I4K 24 Hour Cancer Vigil – Team Building at 3:00 AM

Its dark, cold, and all the drunks have made their way back to their bed from the bars. All across the campus, there isn’t a creature stirring this Thursday night…except for the gaggle of ~15 I4K riders on the quad. Blasting loud music, fervently persuading passersby to donate money (harassing passerby in the case of Emon), and pedaling furiously on their trainers in sets of four.

The level of dedication among our group is stunning. No sleep, barely keeping warm against the surprisingly cold spring night, the team pedals forward. The synchronous hum of the trainers at hour 15 is almost a lullaby now, but we can’t/won’t stop now. We’ve raised over 500 dollars from our efforts tonight, and hope to make a big leap forward tomorrow upon the arrival of moms for mom’s weekend.

From the quad, this is pi signing off.

Over and ooouuuttt.

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  • nprescott Nate Prescott says:

    Gnarly! I’ve been following from home. I’m currently laid up in bed with three less teeth than I had this morning, but I wish I was there cycling in place with you guys! See you all Saturday!

  • Mary Russell Mary Russell says:

    You did such a great job organizing the event, Pi! So proud!

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