Hibernation No More!

With just under 80 days until we take off this summer, and the weather improving every day, it’s hard not to get excited for the upcoming months. This has been a long winter of riding stationary bikes at the gym so now I’m itching to get outside and ride.  Having looked over our new route repeatedly, I know we’re in for a challenging summer, but I think we will be better prepared than in years past.

Since coming together last August, this year’s board has been working non-stop to get things ready for all of the riders this summer.   As a rider last year I had no idea how much work went into this organization behind the scenes, but now I’ve learned what a group of such hard working individuals can do.  Each board member spends countless hours of work on I4k projects, without pay or compensation of any kind.  I really think this is what sets our organization apart from the rest.

With that said, I can’t wait to do the ride with this year’s team.  I’ve had the chance to meet all of the riders, and I have great expectations for what’s ahead.  Last year’s team was amazing, and I will never forget them, but I can’t help but think about how different things will be this year.  It seems each year’s team is different in their own ways, but at the same time, all I4k riders have something in common.  And honestly, that commonality is what makes me love this organization.

I hope to keep updating this blog throughout the spring and summer, so keep checking in to see what’s been going on!

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