Getting out to ride

The weather is really turning around this week, and in fact, it appears that tonight will be the last night for a while with temperatures below freezing. So how better to celebrate than breaking out the bike and going for a little ride?

So at 2:40 this afternoon, Sean (’07), Keith (’07), Matt (’08), Mary (’10) and myself set out from Allen Hall in search of adventure. Specifically adventure in SE direction (because that’s where the wind was coming from). In our adventure we journeyed out to Sidney and Philo, via Deers (Pop. Few). Despite it still being cold (~46F) and slightly windy, I felt we were well prepared an in good spirits throughout our 2 hour journey. In addition, we made a detour at the end to Jarling’s Custard Cup, and all partook in some custard to celebrate our journey and the reopening of Jarling’s for the season. All-in-all, I would say that it was a successful ride and I look forward to more of these as the weather improves.

Peace Out,

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  • Mom says:

    Erik-How about letting me know how you are doing? Call or write. Did you raise the $$ for the cut? Mary said she would do it for free if you did it at her shop.Mom

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