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Over the last two months the Illini 4000 has been hard at work, redesigning and rebuilding the organization’s website making it easier to navigate and better reflect how people communicate in today’s media rich culture. We have added many new features, including more comprehensive rider profiles, blogs, photographs, and much more.
But we’re not done yet! Check back in over the next few weeks as we continue to add new content and new features.
Questions, comments, and concerns about our new website should be directed to our Director of Information, Erik Volkman, at information@illini4000.org.

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  • As a University of Illinois alumnus (Anthropology, 1968) and a cancer survivor (since 2005 and counting) I heard about the Illini 4000 for cancer ride from a UI Alumni Association e-mail. It caught my attention so I read the article and then explored the website. I was looking for three things: 1) a way to donate online (eventually found that but didn’t spot it at first — you might make the link more visible, like as a button?), 2) more specifics about the route (found that), and 3) information on whether U of I alumni or others might join you for a short ride in solidarity and support (didn’t find that).

    I’m wondering if it is possible for individuals to join the trip for a short period or at least stand on the roadside and cheer you by as the riders pass. I have multiple spots, including the beginning and end of the route, in Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, and Oregon where it would be possible to get there and maybe join you for a day or wave as you went be. Let me know if that is allowed.

    Thanks for further information. And best of luck!!
    Warm Regards,
    Steve Maack

  • frontpage frontpage says:

    Thank you so much for you feedback regarding the site. We’re constantly striving to improve the site and have already incorporated some of your suggestions.

    ~The Illini 4000

  • Phil Gehres says:

    The Salem United Methodist in Newark, DE has hosted the riders of the last two cross country trips for an overnight when they reached Delaware. We enjoyed the experience both times.

    We are wondering if you 2010 trip will be traveling through our area, and if so, are you interested in another overnight here.

    Please let us know if you have interest in doing so. Our congregation look forward to your next visit.


    Phil Gehres

  • frontpage frontpage says:

    Our route this year has us heading west from Philadelphia, so unfortunately we will not be passing through Delaware this year. Thank you so much for your hospitality the past two years, and we look forward to staying with you in the future.

    ~The Illini 4000

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