The Bittersweet End

After some exciting and hot rides through Washington and Oregon, we reached the coast yesterday in Seaside, Oregon.  As we rode in through the streets of Seaside, we all began cheering and making as much noise as possible.  When we reached the beach we through our shoes off and took off running, with our bikes, to reach the water as fast as possible.  Over the past months, each ride seemed insignificant, but when we reached the water of the Pacific Ocean it finally seemed real to me, just how far and amazing our journey has been.

Tonight, I find myself 20 miles outside of Portland.  This trip has been amazing in every aspect, from the people we have met, the places we have seen, and the stories we have heard.  Reaching Portland will be bittersweet, because on one hand it is amazing that we will finally be reaching our destination, which is quite an accomplishment, and I am excited to get home to see everyone.  On the other hand, everyday in the I4K is a new adventure, and I will certainly miss that, as well as all of the people/friends I have made along the way.  Although the journey is almost over, I will always carry with me the experiences and memories we have made along the way.

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