Day 64 – Hitting 4000

Seaside, OR to Hillsboro, OR

Today’s ride was only 65 miles, but we had a pretty hard ride to actually do it.  We climbed a 1000 foot hill at the beginning of the day, and then had a lot of hills the rest of the day and the shoulder of the road was not very good, so the ride wasn’t always safe.  We were finally seeing Portland signs, and we could feel the end of the trip getting closer with individual pedal strokes.  I hit 4000 miles just before the first rest stop of the day, but it was during a downhill, so I had to snap some quick pictures to capture the moment, thankfully, the road was pretty empty at that point.  We took a wrong turn at some point, but somehow found our way to the stay-over.  We were staying at the Sonrise Church in Hillsboro, which was an amazing church, everything was huge and brand new, I guess they had bought the building as an old Motorola warehouse, but had totally remodeled it, and made it really impressive.  They also bought us some pizzas, and Sae-bin’s parents bought us dinner at Appleby’s which was really appreciated.  We were also able to shower and do some laundry, which was much appreciated, and Sean Laude, our co-director arrived from Chicago today, so he will drive in tomorrow, so that we can all ride in to Portland as a team. 

States traveled through:19(NY,NJ,PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, SD, WY, MT, ID, WA, OR)
Distance today: 65 mi
Total Distance traveled:  4045 mi

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