Cruisin Down the Freeway in the Hot Hot Sun

The ride to Naches, WA was 108 miles in over 100 degree weather. To say the least, the day was long and hot. We woke up at 4:30 AM to beat the heat and make sure we could get in on time which was a great idea.

[The day before, after the ride, a bunch of us were sitting outside and saw part of an air show from the church courtyard. That was really awesome to see, the jets were doing crazy things!]

Back to the long ride. Christa, Kristen and I stopped I can’t even tell you how many times to stop and pick cherries and apricots off of trees. They tasted so good. Mt. Rainier cherries are the most delicious cherries ever. We even took break just to stand in the sprinklers watering the orchards, man that felt so good.

Once we got in, everyone left for a bike shop but LUCKILY we found a copy of The Lion King and popped that in and lounged for a couple hours. After that, we watched Aladdin of course. It was really nice to just lay down and watch a movie, and a Disney one at that; especially after the longest day ever. Once everyone got back, they just plopped themselves down too and this Western family watched old movies together, how nice.



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