The ride into Yellowstone was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I had hoped to get into Yellowstone early to do some hiking, but we didn’t end up getting in until 8pm. We had to be shuttled into the park, which took a really long time. Most of us took naps while we were waiting for the van, which was a poor decision because none of us wanted to do the next 30 miles.

On the bright side, Yellowstone was amazing. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. We spent two nights camping, which was cold, but definitely worth it. On our rest day I hiked Pelican Valley, and saw a ton of wildlife including bison and elk. The bison were only a few yards away from me, which was cool, but also a little frightening.
On our way out of Yellowstone we stopped at Old Faithful, and walked around to see the other Geysers for a good amount of time. We also saw a bald eagle, who’s wing span had to have been at least 5 feet. In the end, I’d like to go back to Yellowstone, and spend more time exploring.
The ride today was also cold in the morning, but primarily downhill. Christa and I were on dinner, and we made brats and lentils-prob one of the better meals we have cooked for ourselves.

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