Updates from the West

Due to lack of internet access, I have not blogged as much as I would like to, so I will try to fill everyone in.  Wyoming, was amazing, sure we had a tough climb up the Big Horn Mountains, but the 18 mile down hill that awaited us on the other side, made it worth while.  While in Cody, Wyoming, I checked out the Buffalo Bill museum, and went to the Cody Nite Rodeo, because Cody is the rodeo capital of the world.  They have a rodeo every night in the summer.  When we left Cody, we were Yellowstone National Park bound.  It turned out to be one of the hardest rides yet because we had to deal with, wind, some rain, mountains, altitude, and rapidly changing temperatures.  Yellowstone was amazing though, so much to see.  I got within 5 feet of buffalo multiple times, saw some elk, a bald eagle, 300 foot waterfall, Old Faithful, and countless other amazing views of the mountains.  Yellowstone is something I would definately recommend everybody visit at some point in their life.  As we were leaving Yellowstone, I got my second flat of the trip when I ran over a large nail.  More bad news came later that night when I found out my back wheel was cracked.  However, my mood quickly changed when most of the guys, myself included, started shaving for mustache Montana.   I now have a handlebar mustache and thick sideburns instead of a beard.  I will be driving the van into Butte, Montana, because my back wheel is not safe, and there is no bike shop here in Ennis, Montana.  More updates to come.

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