Updates from Idaho

After some great rides through Montana, and a rest day in Missoula, where I went tubing down the Blackfoot River, we reached Idaho.  There was climb to get to the state line, but it has been all down hill since then, over 100 miles of gradual downhill.  Yesterday we had to add an extra 28 miles to our ride because Jerry Johnson Campground, which we were supposed to stay at, is apparently no longer open.  So, after a spending about three hours in some hot springs, we tacked on the extra 28 miles to get to the next campground.  It was really not a big deal because it was all down hill.  Since getting to Montana and Idaho, we have started to meet a lot of other touring cyclists, including two yesterday.  One was a 69 year old man who is riding from Virginia to Astoria Oregon fully loaded with no support.  He also happened to be a cancer survivor, so his story was very inspiring.  We also met a younger guy named Tom who is riding from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Portland, Oregon.  He actually camped with us last night.  It was great having Tom around, I just hope we didn’t drive him crazy with all of our questions.  Today a spoke on my rear wheel broke while were going downhill and got stuck in my chain so it locked up my rear wheel, which caused me to skid and almost wreck, until the road burned completely through my tire and gave me a flat, at which point I finally came to stop.  This caused me to have to ride in the van the last five miles. Tomorrow, in Lewiston, I will have to buy a new wheel and chain.  Tonight we are staying at Pine Ridge Baptist Church in Kamiah, Idaho.  Everyone at the church was incredibly nice, and provided us with a great meal, so thanks to everyone who helped out and made us feel welcome.

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