Time For You To Get A Watch

One of the most frequently heard sayings on this trip when asked what time it is, is becoming all too true to the riders of this team. As we approach Washington, August 2nd gets closer and closer; less than 10 days of the trip!

 Today’s ride was confusing to start with: immediate cue changes within the first two miles which added 5-10 miles to our morning, so that wasn’t so fun, but it was gorgeous out: amber waves of grain on all sides. Most of the ride was rolling hills which was a little unfamiliar since we have been so fortunate the past few rides with great downhills and awesome scenery. But today was a long day and it was a scorcher too. To lift our spirits and get us to the church, some of the girls and I stopped at a gas station (to ask for directions since we missed a turn, obviously) and it may have been the best gas station stop of my life. Listen to this: we got 44oz. fountain drinks for 69 cents (best deal in over 3,000 miles), ate some donuts and fritos, and then we applied some fantastic temporary tattoos and rode into Lewiston, Idaho with revived spirit and flashy new tattoos.

We were extremely surprised and so grateful for the amazing meal that the First United Methodist Church provided, veggie burgers, pasta with squash, and apple crisp for dessert. It was so delicious, how lucky did we get? Honestly. Plus, we all got a great hose shower with a superb view of the mountains and the sun setting just above them; it’s pretty hard to beat that.

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