The land of potatoes

Idaho has been sweet so far.  Yesterday as soon as we left Montana, we had nothing but downhill that hasn’t yet stopped.  At what we thought was the end of the ride yesterday, we stopped at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs and chilled in the natural hot tub for 2 hours- so relaxing and refreshing.  Eventually, we found out that the campground we were planning on staying at was closed (poor planning by someone, typical) so we rode ahead another 28 miles to another campground, which turned out to be a sweet idea… The whole ride was beautiful, through a huge river canyon in the clearwater national forest.

The campground we stayed at was awesome too.  There was a bunch of trails so i explored via a 7 mile run up the side of the mountain which ended with an amazing view.  Our campsite was right next to the river, which was the perfect temperature for a bath.  Something about bathing in a river really makes you feel like you’re one with nature.  Some great tasting lentils for dinner and some good hanging out by the fire capped off an amazing day- one of my favorite of the trip.

Todays ride ended up being 30 miles shorter than planned since we rode ahead yesterday, which was nice.  Even with only 55 miles or so and plenty of downhill, we got in at around 2 since we were slowed up by a lot of construction, a wreck (no realy injuries, just some messed up bikes, not mine), and a flat tire.  Lots of great dancing at the water and lunch stops, which is always good…. We’re celebrating christmas in july in two days and i think im the only one without a present for my secret santa- gotta get on that.

Don’t want this trip to end.

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