Seaside tomorrow

Not sure when the last time I updated this was, so I’m not sure where I left off.  Mount Rainier was really cool… I think I’ve decided I like to camp.  Our campground was pretty sweet and sorrounded by a lot of trails, which I explored on runs both days we were there.  On the rest day, I again didn’t rest at all and after a hilly 12 or so mile run, I went for an epic hike with James and Matt Strick- two super sweet dudes that I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet.

It was 4.2 miles to the top of Shriners Peak, where an old abandoned water tower was located.  It climbed 3800 feet in elevation and took us about 2.5 hours to get to the top.  We spent about the whole last hour telling ourselves we were really close since we really had no gauge of distance on a trail this hilly and rocky.  I didn’t know walking could be so tough.  When we got to the top, the view was well worth it.  360 degrees of beauty.  We had an amazing view of Mount Rainier and could see Mount St. Helens in the distance as well as the Cascades.  We even spotted a few small forest fires ourselves that had been lit by some lightning from the storm that we somehow managed to avoid.  We chilled at the top for a good half hour 45 minutes and ate our lunch before heading down at a much fast pace.

Todays ride was 95 miles and about the same amount of degrees farenheit, which made it brutal at times, but I just took it pretty slow with Adam and James, comin in a good hour and a half behind the rest of the guys, only beating the five ladies.

Tomorrow our route has us taking two ferries to cross various rivers and then we hit the coast… I’m pumped.  Its late, goodnight

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