Mo’ Montana

A little bit of catching up. Going into Butte the ride started easy and ended with some steep work. We found out that the 6 mile climb is also the training ground for Levi who was in four place in the Tour de France until he broke his wrist, yeah we’re hard core…
In Butte we also did a couple of portrait project interviews and were both inspired by the stories and the people.
From Butte we headed to Drummond a small town with a large, large heart. The ride in again began as an easy cruise until the dreaded wind turned on us. One group had multiple flats because the only way to Drummond is on the debris ridden I-90. On the bright side, the randomness of junk offered great material for secret santa presents for our Christmas in July celebration.
When we gt into Drummond we were greeted by Vicki, who we are so thankful for the time and effort she put into feeding us and making us feel welcome. After dinner we had some trouble moving from all of the amazing food we gorged ourselves with. We even picked up an extra rider, Megan, for tomorrow from Drummond!

Tomorrow swimming in hot springs, 50 miles and a rest day to come!!!

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