Makin it hot

Things I’m not gonna miss: waking up at 6 am, showering with a freezing cold hose, calling things ("I call first shower" "I call the couch" "I call the raisin bran after Kristen" "I call the pump next"), my eyes hurting constantly from all the wind


Todays ride was just ok… pretty tough- a few decent climbs and a huge downhill stretch… but man, it was just so hot, upper 90′s at least… and I don’t think its gonna cool off anytime soon according to the forecast.

As soon as we got into Lewiston, we went straight to wendy’s.  I got 2 jr bacon cheeseburgers, a double stack, crispy chicken sandiwch, fries, and a frosty.  Then I spent some time going to some bike shops with some other guys to look for a new tire and water bottle cage and we returned to a nice feast of burgers, dogs, pasta salad, and such provided by the united methodist church here.  Spent some time working on my bike, hose showered, and now its time for bed…

Training camp starts tomorrow… someoneout there DVR the T.O. reality show for me

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