Independence Day!

It’s hard to believe its already July 4th!  We are currently in the town of Murdo, South Dakota awaiting the fireworks display that will be starting soon.  I am disappointed to be missing my neighborhood’s annual display, but at least I am missing it for a good cause.

Yesterday’s ride was just about 75 miles entirely in the rain.  Fortunately, it was warm out which made the day easier.  With the rain coming down, I usually kept my head down and just focused on riding with the group, but kept thinking how beautiful everything would be if it were not for the overcast skies and rain.  Then today’s ride, which at first seemed like it would be a repeat of yesterday, turned out to be a very awesome ride in the end.  After crossing the Missouri River we rode through some continuous hills that made me really love South Dakota even more than I already do.  Throughout the route there were very ominous clouds that filled the sky that only made the ride all the more epic in the end.

Tomorrow we are headed to the town of Wall, SD home of the Wall Drug drugstore.  On our way, the team is making a worthwhile detour to see the badlands which I am totally psyched for.  I have been looking forward to this for some time now and can’t wait!

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