Day 62 – So close, yet so far…

Mt. Rainier, WA to Castle Rock, WA

Riding to Castle Rock was another long one, but the terrain was again beautiful, and we had some rolling hills as we got farther away from Mt. Rainier, but nothing too steep.  The main problem we have been dealing with is the heat, as it was once again close to 100 degrees today, and people keep telling us that we have brought the heat with us because it is not usually as hot as this in Washington.  My mom is already in Portland, which is cool, I can’t wait to see everyone in a few days, and then head home.  We go to the coast tomorrow, which is really exciting, and I am pumped to be able to say that I have seen both coasts in a little over two months, not to mention the fact that we will be heading to Oregon, our final state.  Castle Rock is only like 50 miles from Portland, but since we are heading to the coast, we will be taking three more days to get to Portland, a little frustrating, but we know the ocean is gonna be totally worth it.   

States traveled through:18(NY,NJ,PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, SD, WY, MT, ID, WA)
Distance today: 95 mi
Total Distance traveled:  3896 mi (ah!)

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