Day 50 – Hills and High Speeds

Ennis, MT to Butte, MT

The ride into Butte was very long, and not very fun.  There were at least three separate mountains that we had to climb, including a very long one at the end of the day that exhausted everyone.  However, we did get some nice downhills after climbing each hill, and it was definitely an easier day than the ride into Yellowstone.  Once we got in, the church where we stayed had a ton of food out for us, so we were treated to all the pasta salad, sandwiches, and tiny White Castle-like mini burgers that we could eat.  All those downhills also meant that we could get some serious momentum going, and I hit a new high speed of 50.3 mph, which I was pretty pleased with, i didn’t think I would be able to hit fifty after not being able to do it in the steep hills of Pennsylvania.  All in all, an exhausting day, but at night we were able to relax some, and I got to read a lot, so it wasn’t a terrible day.  The town is also really nice, Butte is very spread out among the hills, and we had an awesome view when we were coming down from the mountains and riding into town.  A famous Tour de France rider, Levi Leipheimer, is from here, and some of the team went to his brother’s bike shop and met his father and brother and hung out there, so that was pretty cool too.

States traveled through:16(NY,NJ,PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, SD, WY, MT)
Distance today: 80 mi
Total Distance traveled:  3112 mi

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