Confessions of a Chamois

It’s been hard to start writing a new blog entry because there has been so much going on.  Like the pictures I take on the road, I find my words a poor representation for how awesome everything has been.  Having just passed through Yellowstone, there is much to be awesome.

We have finally been riding through the mountains we have been expecting all along.  I thought the Black Hills were impressive and challenging until the Bighorns came into sight.  By the time the day came to climb the 18 mile ascent up the Bighorns, I thought I was prepared.  I pushed myself very hard up the mountain doing my best to stay up with the front group.  And even though I succeeded, I paid the price by wearing down my legs.  It took several days after to recover from the strenuous workout, it being no help that we had to ride each day after that, but now I think I am a lot stronger.  Looking back at the hills out east, I can feel a physical difference that has come with the last 3000 miles of our journey.

The views from the mountaintops and plain alike have been amazing.  I have seen a large difference  in the landscape once we crossed west of the Missouri River.  Before we crossed it was hard to imagine that it was considered the ‘west’, but after I can see the mountainous, drier land that is typical to the west.  Its an awesome feeling to ride along side mountains all day and just watch the peaks as we roll by.  Sometimes, when we are riding uphill or against a headwind, its hard to appreciate the breathtaking landscape, but our hard work pays off each time I catch the sun rising over the mountains or each time I glance over my should to see that we are still following a clear flowing river.  Like I said, these words don’t do the countryside justice.

What I got to see of Yellowstone was amazing, but I discovered one thing right away; I need to comeback someday.  There was so much to see and two days in the park didn’t even scratch the surface of what I wanted to explore.  Next time I come I hope to bring even more warm clothes for those freezing mornings and evenings as they really were colder than I expected.

Well, someone cut the lights here at the church which usually means bedtime! Until next time, stay classy.

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